What We Do

Russell Computer Systems, Inc. is a multi-faceted business that can fulfill all individual or business owner’s computer and/or technological needs. RCS, Inc. provides professional installation, repairs computer problems, offers network consulting, web design and maintenance, and database applications. Whether you are an individual or a business, if your computer need is small or great, RCS, Inc. can deliver prompt and professional answers.

Russell Computer Systems, Inc. provides computer installation and maintenance. RCS, Inc. sets up and maintains Windows and Linux servers. RCS, Inc. repairs computers, including reinstallation and providing back-up and disaster recovery solutions, sets up and deploys computers and software such as QuickBooks, and troubleshoots software (for example, virus removal).

Russell Computer Systems, Inc. builds/designs and maintains websites for individuals and/or businesses. RCS, Inc. can build a website for the customer to sustain thereafter, or RCS, Inc. can maintain the website providing search engine optimization, keyword density, professional writers, optimized content creation, working with AdWords (a Google advertising service), and benchmarking transparency.

Russell Computer Systems, Inc. offers network consulting and professional assistance with database applications. RCS, Inc. provides the infrastructure of the customer’s networking needs. RCS, Inc. can link computers together, allow wireless access to certain computers, etc. RCS, Inc. discusses with the customer what their needs are and designs the network that works for them. Additionally, RCS, Inc. assists with online database applications creating a system that keeps up with inventory of your stock, how many hours employs work on certain jobs, and the material used. The database is an interactive website built with an interface that has the ability to store information that can be pulled out using search queries.

Whether you are an individual or business, if your computer need is small or great, Russell Computer Systems, Inc. can provide prompt, proficient, and professional answers.