Catalog Tutorial

  1. Login to the central catalog by using the same user name and password you use for your vendor booth.
  2. Click Catalog.
  3. Click shop by vendor, then select a store from the drop down menu.
  4. Click: Create new item.
  5. Select the category for posting each product by clicking the pull down menu and click the type of merchandise you want to post. Note: the first item in this menu is Amish, just click in the box and scroll down to the category you want. Additional categories are available upon request.
  6. Click Browse and find a picture of your product, then click upload. Note pictures must already be installed on your computer in a jpg format.
  7. Click the first pencil and name your product and click save.
  8. Click pencil and enter your sku # and click save.
  9. Click pencil and enter how many you have in stock and click save. Note: the quantity you have in stock is very important. No one will place an order if you have 0 in stock.
  10. Click pencil and enter the price of your product and click save.
  11. Click the pencil to the far right, then scroll down and click in the box provided to write a description of your product and click save.
  12. if you need to delete any single item, just click delete.

When finished with all your entries, log out.

If you have followed these instructions, your product should successfully appear in your vendor booth catalog as well as in the central catalog.