Websites starting at $49 per month.

Russell Computer Systems provides turn key web solutions. Websites starting at $49 per month. This includes website and simple management tools and hosting. Select the package options that's right for you. Call for a live demo and see how easy it is.

Document Library

Upload PDF files with just a few clicks. Archive your public documents for easy access.

Audio Package

The Audio Package allows a site manager to upload audio files up to 20MB each. This package is ideal for church audio miniseries to allow site visitors to browse and listen to messages from the audio library.

Video Package

The video package creates a library of embedded you-tube videos but does not allow video suggestions after the video finishes. Site visitors stay on your website and only see the videos you add to the library. This creates a safer way to experience you-tube videos on your site.

Picture Package

Most everyone likes to browser pictures. Add this package to your website to draw visitors. This package allows picture albums to be created on your site. This is ideal for sharing your events with others.

Database Directory

A database directory allows site managers to create and maintain contact information. The information can then be shared with the users you wish to give access. This is ideal for church directory's where information such as name address and phone numbers need to be shared among members.

Product Catalog

Our Online catalogue lists your products in a easy to update format allowing your customers to browse your products with ease and add items to there cart for checkout. An ecommerce account with First Data is required to proccess credit cards. Contact us for more information.

Custom Web Design

Custom work is available. Give us an ideal of what you want and we will get you a price.